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Ginny Watson writes predominantly erotica stories, and usually dabbles in the Taboo. Ginny concentrates on the taboo of incest, father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister. Some of her stories explore deep seated desires, a father or daughters battle with forbidden urges, and some stories tell of either a dirty daddy or brother, or maybe a deviant daughter or sister, those kinky people who embrace everything frowned upon or forbidden.

Below you will find two links to her Erotica and Taboo Erotica titles. In the Erotica section you will discover only a few stories as writing about Vanilla sex isn't her passion. In the Taboo section, be warned... you will find Incest and a little bestiality.

Please Note: Many of Ginny's hardcore Incest titles have been edited and republished in a Pseudo-Incest format. Commonly known as Step Erotica... where the sex is still set within a family environment but happens between non-biological relations ie. Step Father and Step Daughter, or Step Brother and Step Sister, so please be aware of this when purchasing, some stories offered will be almost identical, with just the word "Step" added.

All of Ginny's stories are for Open Minded 18+ Adults

*Please Note: Some titles are classified as Taboo because of exlicit covers rather than taboo content.

Clicking the links below will take you to our Ginny Watson book pages hosted by StreetLib. In order to purchase for the first time you will be asked to create a StreetLib Account... this is normal.

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